• You Can Choose This PVC Foam Board

       Colored PVC foam board is one of our company's main foam board series. There are three reasons why you can consider this PVC foam board: 1 Variety of colors: There are a variety of functional foam ...

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  • Talk about the excellent performance of PVC foam board

        How much do you know about PVC foam board? Let us talk about several outstanding features of PVC foam board:   These PVC foam boards are (1) it is waterproof (2) it supports high-quality wood...

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  • PVC foam board

    PVC foam board

    Wide range of uses of PVC foam board:   The application range of PVC foam board is very wide. To point out some, follow here:   (1) Ceilings of cars, buses, and trains   (2) Used for decoration, inter...

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  • There Are Many Possible Uses of PVC Foam Board

    1. Used for the ceilings of Cars, Buses or Trains 2. Widely used for making home and office furniture 3. Used to build external wall panels 4. Home interiors can be designed using PVC foam boards 5. U...

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  • Pay Attention to Coarsening of PVC Foam Board

    Presumably everyone has a lot of knowledge about PVC foam board, so today we will talk about the roughening of PVC boards. What is the answer to this question? Please see the specific explanation belo...

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