PVC foam board

Update:10 Dec 2021

Wide range of uses of PVC foam board:   The application […]

Wide range of uses of PVC foam board:

  The application range of PVC foam board is very wide. To point out some, follow here:

  (1) Ceilings of cars, buses, and trains

  (2) Used for decoration, interior and building wall panels

  (3) For commercial, residential, public and office buildings

  (4) Widely used in computer lettering, screen printing, advertising, etc.

  (5) Used in label, display panel and sign industry

  (6) Used in chemical corrosion engineering kitchen

  In addition to these different uses of PVC foam sheet, it also has significant features, which will increase its usability and applications.

  The following are several outstanding features of PVC foam board:

  These PVC foam boards are fireproof. It can resist acid, moths, heat, vibration, noise and light

  1. It is waterproof

  2. It supports high-quality wood processing

  3. It is an ideal substitute for wood, aluminum and other types of composite materials

  4. It has a smooth surface, hard and minimal scratches, so it is very suitable for cabinets and furniture

  5. It also has high heat and sound insulation properties

  6. It is self-extinguishing and flame retardant

  7. It is characterized by light texture. It is portable and can be easily transported anywhere

  Any common woodworking tools can be used to work with this material

  This PVC foam board can also be nailed, drilled, pasted and sawed or participate in any other processing

  Its functions and applications are not limited to the above-mentioned highlights, but are also being expanded widely. Its diversified applications and affordable prices make it the right choice for various processing in different industries. It is the perfect material for all your indoor and outdoor applications.

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