You Can Choose This PVC Foam Board

Update:17 Dec 2021

   Colored PVC foam board is one of our company's main […]

   Colored PVC foam board is one of our company's main foam board series. There are three reasons why you can consider this PVC foam board:

1 Variety of colors: There are a variety of functional foam boards, mainly orange, beige, yellow, green, gray, Celuka Pvc Foam Board, and environmentally friendly colored foam boards. The colors are bright and in line with the trend. The choice of home improvement life meets the home improvement design needs of different groups of people.

2 Wide application channels: Wide application channels. Its products can be widely used in industries such as advertising, engraving hollow panels, cabinet and bathroom panels, furniture, home furnishing, decoration, display stands, lighting, architectural decoration, cabinets, and bathroom cabinets.

3 Strong supply capacity and good material: At the same time as a professional manufacturer of color PVC foam panels in China, our company specializes in the production of PVC foam panels and has 6 fully automatic production lines. The PVC foam panels we develop and produce are smooth and nailable. , Drills, chisels, sticks, etc., can replace wood.

  Hangzhou Jiangnan Plastic Industry co., Ltd.. welcomes consumers to understand, visit and consult on the right PVC foam board.

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