UV Print Pvc Board Can Be Used in Printing Industry

Update:27 Nov 2020

The low price of UV print pvc board is one of the most […]

The low price of UV print pvc board is one of the most produced plastic products at this stage, and it is highly sought after by various industries. PVC plastic sheet is a kind of synthetic material that is highly sought after, extremely popular and widely used in today's society. Because pvc plastic sheet has high chemical reliability, it can be used to manufacture anticorrosive pipelines, pipes, oil pipelines, centrifugal pumps and blowers.

Some characteristics of pvc plastic sheet and printing applications

Moreover, the pvc board produced by pvc material is widely used in the chemical industry to produce various kinds of storage tank linings, corrugated boards for engineering buildings, window and door structures, wall decorations and other engineering construction materials. Because of its excellent electrical insulation performance, it can be used to produce power plugs, power sockets, power switches and cables in the electrical and electronic industries.

What are the physical properties of pvc plastic sheet? Let us understand together!
1. Most plastics are light, chemically reliable, and not easy to rust.
2. Good impact.
3. It has good transparency and abrasion resistance.
4. Good margin and low thermal conductivity.
5. Good extrudability, colorability, and low production cost.

With the development of the market, pvc plastic sheets are widely used in all walks of life. In the future, more pvc products will appear in our daily lives. For example: pvc packaging and printing films have significant advantages and are highly sought after by the packaging and printing industry. What are the specific characteristics of pvc packaging and printing sheets?
1. PVC packaging and printing film has good transparency, good surface brightness, bright color, few crystal spots and bubbles, strong impact resistance, chemical resistance and easy extrusion molding.
2. PVC packaging and printing film has excellent vacuum formability, sturdiness, strong folding toughness, no whitening, good packaging and printing flatness, and resistance to tortuosity.
3. The pvc packaging and printing film adopts a unique formulation method and modern processing technology to produce ultra-impact-resistant plastic films with low temperature resistance to -20 ℃, suitable for packaging of activated calcium carbonate products.
4. According to user needs, pvc packaging and printing sheets can be given special requirements such as low temperature resistance, flame retardancy, UV blocking, and anti-static.