Two Basic Questions Of Pvc Furniture Board

Update:03 Jul 2020

1. WHAT IS YOUR DECK USED FOR? The first thing of pvc f […]

The first thing of pvc furniture board to consider is what you will be using your deck for. Different decking boards will hold better under rigorous use. If you plan on holding nightly barbecues or hanging out outside on chairs that scrape and move around, then a sturdier capped board might be for you. If your deck is a place that will be visited less frequently and by fewer people, then a less rugged pressure treated board with a sealant might offer you the results you need at a better price.

The other thing to consider is pricing. There are several different levels of price starting with pressure treated boards, then wood composite boards, capped wood composite boards, PVC boards, and lastly, variegated capped composite boards, which are at the higher end of the price spectrum.

Since different materials yield different maintenance and upkeep, as well as a different look, it’s important to determine your price range while also thinking about what you’d like your deck to be used for. A cheaper deck up front could lead to higher maintenance costs later in the life.

You can talk to our deck experts in each location for assistance in setting a budget for your project. We have sample deck quotes with current pricing that will make it easy to start considering your deck project. The deck boards can range from $3-$15/sq ft and railing options can run $7-$70 linear foot – so there are a lot of options to consider. When comparing prices, be sure to consider all costs including concrete, posts, fasteners etc. Again, we’re here to help you with all of that so there are no surprises! Sit back, relax, and enjoy your new deck.

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