Pvc Cabinet Board Surface Advantages

Update:03 Jul 2020

The Benefits Stained, faded and marked PVC cabinet boar […]

The Benefits

Stained, faded and marked PVC cabinet board surfaces make a property appear rundown, affecting the attractiveness of businesses to customers and of rental properties to prospective tenants. Not many people know that you can paint PVC surfaces as we are often asked “can you paint plastic window frames“.

PVC surfaces on a property include:

PVC Pipework

PVC Guttering

PVC Doors

PVC Windows, ledges and frames

PVC Soffits and facia boards

Ensuring these surfaces are clean and tidy could be the difference between customers visiting your business and using your services or walking on by to the competition – easy to do in such a competitive market on the high street.

Using Zinsser’s products, this can be a quick process without much downtime or disruption to customers and staff, needing just a few hours between coats and products to allow for sufficient preparation and drying.

Zinsser listens to contactors and develops new products – or adds features to existing products – to meet their changing needs, delivering world class products that meet “real world” challenges, providing tried and tested solutions to painting problems, such as painting over PVC. Their Bulls Eye 1-2-3 primes PVC surfaces without flaking, cracking or peeling, and can be painted over with topcoats available in more than 350 colors.

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