Pvc Foam Board Manufacturer Introduced The Use of Foam Board in Construction

Update:25 Dec 2020

We, PVC foam board manufacturer, found that the place w […]

We, PVC foam board manufacturer, found that the place where the foam board is generally used should be the product packaging, because the foam can protect our products well and prevent them from being damaged during transportation, and the foam is light in weight, like these plastic foam boards. The advantages shown in the packaging are still very large. In fact, we all need to know that these foam boards not only have certain advantages in product packaging, but also show great advantages in our buildings.

Protect the main structure of the building to extend the life of the building. Because the external thermal insulation is to place the thermal insulation layer on the outside of the structure, it reduces the stress caused by structural deformation caused by temperature changes, and reduces the corrosion of the structure by harmful substances in the air and ultraviolet rays. Effectively eliminate thermal bridges In the past, internal thermal insulation was used. Thermal bridges were unavoidable, while external wall thermal insulation effectively prevented thermal bridges from forming and avoid condensation. The moisture temperature of the wall is improved. Generally, internal insulation needs to be provided with a vapor barrier, and the temperature permeability of the external thermal insulation material is far stronger than that of the main structure. Condensation does not generally occur inside the wall, and the entire structure layer The increase in wall temperature further enhances the insulation performance of the wall. It is conducive to the stability of the room temperature, and the external wall insulation is adopted. Since the structural layer with greater heat storage capacity of the wall is inside the wall, it is conducive to the stability of the room temperature. Increase the use area of ​​houses. It can avoid the damage of the second decoration to the insulation layer.

This shows that no matter what the product is, its practicality is still very strong. Therefore, when we choose any product, we must learn more about the use of these products. Take our foam board manufacturer as an example. We must give full play to the use of our foam board, so as to help us use it. I believe that through the above introduction, everyone must have a deeper understanding of our foam board.