• How to Identify the Performances of Pvc Celuka Board?

    I believe everyone is very interested in the identification of PVC celuka board, so how to identify the performance of PVC board? This is the related question we are going to talk about in this issue....

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  • The Difference Between PP Board and PVC Furniture Board

    When customers buy boards, they usually think of PP board and PVC board, but what is the difference between the two boards? Jianguan will summarize the following points and share with you, hoping to p...

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  • Advantages and Disadvantages of PVC Cabinet Board

    1. Disadvantages of PVC cabinet board: high construction foundation requirements, fear of cigarette butts burns, fear of sharp weapons scratches. 2. Advantages of pvc floor Waterproof and non-slip: Th...

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  • We Recommend 4X8 Pvc Foam Sheet

    PVC foam sheet is light in weight One of the most important PVC plastic properties is that it’s light in weight. Foamed PVC foam board is the lightest, being twice as light as solid PVC. This is very ...

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  • Choose Our PVC Celuka Board

    Choose Our PVC Celuka Board

    Due to the high melting point of PVC, people think that the basic cause of fire is it, and then it is classified as a natural discordant note, which undoubtedly increases people's misunderstanding of ...

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