• PVC Furniture Board Tips

    PVC Furniture Board Tips

    Particle boards,plywood and MDF are widely used in furniture manufacturing, which are not fire proof, water resistant, and easily expand and grow mildew and are not healthy and safe. .Some of MDF in t...

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  • Perfect PVC Foam Sheet Manufacturer

    Hangzhou Jianguan Plastic Industry co., Ltd. is a high-quality PVC foam sheet manufacturer . Our company is located in Zhejiang, China. Currently, we supply and manufacture PVC foam board. We supply m...

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  • Deal With Color PVC Foam Board

    If you are looking for an indoor sign which is great for short term use, then our color pvc foam board signs are just what you need! We use high quality PVC foam in our boards and offer you a sign whi...

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  • About PVC Celuka Board

    About PVC Celuka Board

    PVC celuka board products can be used on both the interior and exterior of residential and commercial projects. WE offers boards, sheets, bead board, and corners that are easy-to-install and do not re...

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  • High Quality PVC Furniture Board

    The pvc furniture board is widely used for both indoor and outdoor applications. It comprises the chemical composition, Poly Vinyl Chloride, which is used in furniture, building, and advertising indus...

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