Four Advantages of PVC Cabinet Board

Update:13 May 2021

What are the four advantages of PVC board? This is the […]

What are the four advantages of PVC board? This is the related issue that we are going to talk about for everyone in this issue. Please see the specific description below:

1. Green and environmental protection
   As mentioned earlier, the important base material of pvc board is polyvinyl chloride, which is a household name. Polyvinyl chloride is a green and environmentally friendly renewable capital and does not contain any sprayable elements. Before the production of genuine PVC cabinet board, they have passed the strict IS09000 international quality system certification and ISO14001 international green environmental protection certification.
  2, ultra-light and ultra-thin
   PVC board is ultra-light and ultra-thin, with a thickness of only 2-3 mm and a weight of only 2-3 kg/square, which lacks 10% of general ground materials. It is especially suitable for high-rise construction and has incomparable advantages. And it is especially suitable for the reform of old buildings.
  3, long life
   pvc board adopts a peculiar super weather-resistant and anti-aging formula plan, which shows excellent practicality in all kinds of weather conditions. It is an excellent hot forming material, which can replace some stainless steel and other decomposition materials.
   4. Rich colors
  Pvc board has fresh characteristics, long-term and stable performance, suitable for owners of various needs. Not only can it express the colors of the natural world, but it can also express the colors that people dream of. It can produce PVC black hard board according to customer needs, its color is bright, elegant and generous.