Additional Tips to PVC Furniture Board

Update:17 Jun 2021

After learning the basics of how you can install PVC fu […]

After learning the basics of how you can install PVC furniture boards, we are here with a few additional tips that may help you finish the job just a little better!

Tip 1: Secure the joints. The more you secure the PVC, the less it will move when the outside temperature changes.

Tip 2: PVC is an entirely different material than wood. However, its workability is similar to wood. You can easily cut, nail, screw pvc furniture board with the same tools as you would use with wood.

Tip 3: PVC furniture boards can be thermoformed and bent when it is heated. You can reshape it by subjecting it to high temperatures if the shape needs alteration, for example, for roundtops over a window. Heat the PVC trim to around 160*F or until the PVC furniture or molding becomes soft enough to bend to the final shape slowly. Its important to not overheat the PVC, as it can bloat, and the surface will be more susceptible to crack.

Tip 4: If you wish to paint your PVC furniture boards, it’s best to clean the surface with water and a clean washcloth to remove any dust particles before applying the paint. This way, the color will better adhere to the surface, and you will get a smooth finish. Some recommend rubbing the surface of the trim with a cloth damp with acetone. The acetone will help remove any sheen, which will allow paints to adhere more appropriately.