About PVC Celuka Board

Update:15 Nov 2019

PVC celuka board products can be used on both the inter […]

PVC celuka board products can be used on both the interior and exterior of residential and commercial projects. WE offers boards, sheets, bead board, and corners that are easy-to-install and do not require paint. Each piece has a consistent quality and finish, which requires no sanding, priming or sealing.

PVC can be used for non-load bearing applications such as decorative beaded ceilings, trim around windows and doors, column wraps and rake boards. PVC can also be used for creating soffits, fascia, rake boards, battens, pilasters, frieze boards, wainscoting and other architectural millwork.

It's the perfect material for exterior or interior trim. PVC is a lightweight material that is easy to work with. It shapes, moulds and cuts with standard woodworking tools. Its closed-cell structure prohibits water absorption. This prevents the material from splitting, flaking, chipping, or bloating. PVC's even consistency and quality piece to piece make it easy to work with and allow screws to be driven extremely close to the edge without splitting. These same qualities allow the product to be used on the building grade or in direct contact with masonry.
Free foam PVC has a solid, consistent structure from surface through the core. This characteristic makes it perfect for fabrication and field cuts. Sealing the cut edge is not necessary to protect the product. In addition, this process also prohibits mushrooming of the product when secured with screws, unlike the Celuka process. The free foam process also cuts smooth where the Celuka PVC can chip when cut.

Unlike wood, when glued with PVC cement, the seal is chemical and causes the bond to be on a molecular level to literally create one piece.